Become an Expert with RSTAB or RFEM

New to the Dlubal Software programs? Find helpful learning resources here to improve your modeling technique and program knowledge. Additionally, sign up for a Dlubal training course for the opportunity to gain more detailed insight.

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First Steps with RFEM

This page provides some useful hints and tips for users who are not familiar with RFEM to facilitate your introduction to the FEA software.

First Steps with RSTAB

This page provides aid for those who want to quickly and effectively familiarize themselves with the frame analysis software RSTAB.


Explore the Dlubal Software short videos which feature the various Dlubal programs and add-on modules. Learn new program techniques for a more efficient and seamless modelling process.

Become familiar with new modules to expand on your design capabilities with different materials and multiple international standards.


Register online to attend one of our upcoming webinars. The webinars are provided at no cost to you and are open for anyone to attend. The presentations provide an in-depth look at the Dlubal Software programs covering a broad range of topics. All previously recorded webinars can also be accessed for free on our website and YouTube channel to continue improving your Dlubal Software knowledge.

Online Training

Online training courses provide a flexible alternative to in-person training. Attend one of our upcoming online sessions at the dates and times listed all from the comfort of your home or office. Online training requires a reliable and fast internet connection and a hands-free audio headset.

Training at Dlubal

Upcoming group training courses are offered at select Dlubal Software office locations at the given dates and times listed. The course content and details are also provided. Our experienced training instructors will guide you through the program with hands-on examples in a friendly group setting.

Individual Training

You decide on the learning objectives and training content. Whether you want to support one of your planned or running projects or provide general knowledge, tell us what you would like to know about the Dlubal structural analysis programs. We will then prepare a training session based on this information.

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First Steps

First Steps

We provide hints and tips to help you get started with the RFEM program.