RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB


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Frame Joints of Frames According to EN 1993-1-8 (EC 3)

The RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro add‑on module creates and classifies rigid bolt connections between columns and horizontal beams. The rigid bolt connections are designed by using the ultimate load method according to Eurocode 3 or DIN 18800.

Optionally, it is possible to apply stiffeners, supplementary web plates, and backing plates, and to check the geometrical feasibility of connections with respect to the size of the wrench used for tightening screws.

  1. General Data


    • Design of knee joints, T-joints, cross joints and continuous column connections with I-shaped cross-sections
    • Import of geometry and load data from RFEM/RSTAB or manual specification of connections (for recalculation without an RFEM/RSTAB model, for example)
    • Flush top connections or connections with bolt row in extension
    • Design of positive and negative frame joint moments
    • Various inclinations of right and left horizontal beams as well as application to frames of duopitch and monopitch roofs
    • Consideration of additional flanges in horizontal beam, for example in case of tapered cross-sections
    • Symmetrical and asymmetrical T-joints or cross joints
    • Two-sided connection with different cross-section depth on the right and left
    • Automatic preliminary design of bolt layout and required stiffening
    • Optional design mode with possibility to specify all bolt spacing, welds, and sheet thicknesses
    • Screwability check with adjustable dimensions of wrenches used
    • Connection classification by stiffness and calculation of the spring stiffness of connections considered in the internal forces determination
    • Check up to 45 individual designs (components) of the connection
    • Automatic determination of governing internal forces for all individual designs
    • Connection graphics in rendering mode with specifications of material, sheet thickness, welds, bolt spacing, and all dimensions for construction
    • Integrated and flexibly extendable settings of National Annexes according to the standard EN 1993-1-8
    • Automatic conversion of internal forces from structural analysis into respective sections, also for eccentric member connections
    • Automatic determination of initial stiffness Sj,ini of the connection
    • Detailed plausibility check of all dimensions including specifications of input limits (for edge distances and hole spacing, for example)
    • Optional transmission of compression forces in a column through contact
    • Possibility to update the cross-section depth of horizontal beams in case of tapered connections after the connection geometry optimization in the module
  2. Geometry input


    The RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro add-on module designs connections of structures calculated in RFEM/RSTAB. If there is no RFEM/RSTAB model available, you can define the geometry and load data manually, for example to check external calculations.

    Designed nodes are usually imported from RFEM/RSTAB. The module recognizes all connected members automatically and assigns a connection type to them. Depending on the connection type, you can define further details of ribs, backing plates, web plates, bolts, welds, and hole spacing. As loads, you can select any load case, load combination or result combination in RFEM/RSTAB.

    In the case of the "preliminary design" calculation mode, RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro performs the first calculation step to suggest applicable layouts. After you select the relevant layout, the module displays all designs in detailed result tables and various graphics.

  3. Alternatives of preliminary design


    The RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro add-on module performs the following designs according to the standards EN 1993-1-8 or DIN 18800:

    • Beam end plate and column flange according to the plastic hinge theory
    • Tension of bolts (including contact forces)
    • Shearing of bolts
    • Tension force introduction in column web and beam web
    • Buckling analysis of gusset plate
    • Shear design of gusset plate
    • Compression force introduction in column web and buckling design of web plate
    • If required:
      • Design of diagonal stiffeners
      • Web stiffeners
      • Supplementary web plates
    • Compression force introduction in horizontal beam
    • Design of welds
  4. Connection in RFEM model


    First, the module combines governing designs of the column and the horizontal beam and displays the connection geometry in a result table. The other result tables include all important design details such as flow line lengths, load bearing capacity of screws, weld stresses, or connection stiffnesses. All connections are visualized in a 3D rendering graphic.

    You can directly see dimensions, material properties, and welds important for the connection construction and print themt. It is possible to visualize the connections in RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro or directly in the RFEM/RSTAB model. All graphics can be included in the RFEM/RSTAB printout report or printed directly. Result graphics to scale provide the option of an optimal visual check right from the design phase.

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