RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro | Design

Product Feature

The RF-/FRAME-JOINT Pro add-on module performs the following designs according to the standards EN 1993-1-8 or DIN 18800:

  • Beam end plate and column flange according to the plastic hinge theory
  • Tension of bolts (including contact forces)
  • Shearing of bolts
  • Tension force introduction in column web and beam web
  • Buckling analysis of gusset plate
  • Shear design of gusset plate
  • Compression force introduction in column web and buckling design of web plate
  • If required:
    • Design of diagonal stiffeners
    • Web stiffeners
    • Supplementary web plates
  • Compression force introduction in horizontal beam
  • Design of welds
RFEM Connections

Add-on Module

Design of rigid bolted frame joints according to Eurocode 3 or DIN 18800

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD