Stand-Alone Programs for Steel Structures

Effective Design of Steel Structures

  • CRANEWAY Stand-Alone Program
  • FE-BUCKLING Stand-Alone Program

Crane Runways

The CRANEWAY stand-alone program calculates and performs all required design checks of crane runway girders according to Eurocode 3.

You can optionally select between bridge or suspension cranes.

Plate Buckling Analysis

The stand‑alone program PLATE‑BUCKLING performs plate buckling analysis of rectangular plates according to EN 1993‑1‑5:2006 or DIN 18800-3:1990‑11.

It is possible to apply horizontal or vertical stiffeners to the plates (for example flat plates, angles, T‑stiffeners, trapezoidal stiffeners, C‑sections).

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Connections with Circular Hollow Sections in RFEM 6

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Stand-Alone Program

Design of crane runway girders according to EN 1993-6 and DIN 4132

Price of First License
1,850.00 EUR
FEED BUCKLING Single Program

Stand-Alone Program

Plate buckling analysis of rectangular plates with or without stiffeners

Price of First License
1,400.00 EUR