How can I set the calculation parameters by using the COM interface?


The following code shows how to get different calculation parameters via the COM interface. It also shows how to specify the setting for deactivating shear stiffness:

    '   get model interface
    Set iApp = iModel.GetApplication()
    '   get calculation interface
    Dim iCalc As RFEM5.ICalculation2
    Set iCalc = iModel.GetCalculation
    '   get surface bending theory
    Dim calc_bend As RFEM5.BendingTheoryType
    calc_bend = iCalc.GetBendingTheory
    '   get settings for nonlinearities
    Dim calc_nl As RFEM5.CalculationNonlinearities
    calc_nl = iCalc.GetNonlinearities
    '   get precision and tolerance settings
    Dim calc_prec As RFEM5.PrecisionAndTolerance
    calc_prec = iCalc.GetPrecisionAndTolerance
    '   get calculation settings
    Dim calc_sets As RFEM5.CalculationSettings
    calc_sets = iCalc.GetSettings
'get calculate options
    Dim calc_opts As RFEM5.CalculationOptions
    calc_opts = iCalc.GetOptions
    '   set ShearStiffness to false
    calc_opts.ShearStiffness = False
    iCalc.SetOptions calc_opts

Under Downloads, you can find the EXCEL macro.


COM Accuracy Tolerance Calculation parameters


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