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24 March 2017



  • Cross-section optimization
  • Transfer of optimized cross-sections to RFEM/RSTAB
  • Design of any thin-walled cross-section from SHAPE-THIN
  • Representation of stress diagram on a cross-section
  • Determination of normal, shear, and equivalent stresses
  • Stress results of individual internal forces types
  • Detailed representation of stresses in all stress points
  • Determination of the maximum Δσ for each stress point (for fatigue design, for example)
  • Colored display of stresses and stress ratios facilitating quick overview of crucial or oversized zones
  • Parts list and quantity surveying

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  • Updated 5 November 2020
RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures

Add-on Module

Stress analysis of steel surfaces and members

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