RF-/JOINTS Steel - Tower | Features

Product Feature

  • Wide range of joint types, for example:
    • Bolted connection of diagonals without gusset plate 2D
    • Bolted connection of diagonals without gusset plate 3D
    • Bolted column joint
  • T-, K- and KT-joints considered for connections of diagonals
  • Various categories of connections:
    • A - shear/hole bearing connection
    • B - slip-resistant connection at serviceability limit state
    • C - slip-resistant connection at ultimate limit state
  • Bolt strength classes of 4.6 - 10.9
  • Bolt diameters M12 - M42
  • Modifiable bolt spacing
  • Visualization of the entire connection in the view window

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RFEM Connections
RF-JOINTS Steel - Tower 5.xx

Add-on Module

Design of nominally pinned bolted connections of members used in lattice towers according to Eurocode 3

Price of First License
670.00 USD