New Programs for Cold-Formed Sections

SHAPE-THIN 9 | RF-/STEEL Cold-Formed Sections

The SHAPE‑THIN 9 stand-alone program and the RF‑/STEEL Cold‑Formed Sections add-on module allow you to design general cold-formed sections.

New Program: RWIND Simulation

Wind Simulation (Digital Wind Tunnel) & Wind Load Generation for RFEM or RSTAB

RWIND Simulation is a stand-alone program for numerical simulations of wind flow around structures of any shape.



Structural FEA engineering software RFEM allows easy and effective modeling as well as structural analysis and design of general 2D and 3D structures consisting of member, plate, wall, shell, solid, and contact elements.



Structural frame analysis software RSTAB contains a similar range of functions as RFEM, with special attention to beam, frame, or truss structures. Therefore, it is very easy to use and for many years it has been the best choice for structural frame analysis.

For Students

Structural Analysis Software for Students for Free

Dlubal Software supports students by providing them with the structural analysis software for free during their studies at a university, college, or institute of technology. Many students have already seized the opportunity to benefit from this support.

More Information

Free Structural Models

Download Many Structural Models and Save Time...

Here you can find direct access to multiple structural models. Download the models to edit, analyze, or design them utilizing RFEM, RSTAB, or RWIND Simulation.

Free Structural Models to Download


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News and Events

  • System, dimensions and cross -sections

    Knowledge Base


    Design of a welded truss

    This technical article deals with the component and cross-section designs of a welded truss in the ultimate limit state. Furthermore, the deformation analysis in the serviceability limit state is described.

  • Impressive View to the First Floor Through the Glass Steps

    Customer Project


    Spiral Staircase with Glass Steps

    The interior spiral staircase is located inside of the educational, training and rehabilitation center in the city of Zlín.
  • RF -MOVE Surfaces - 1.1 General Data

    Knowledge Base


    Creating moving loads in RF-MOVE Surfaces

    RF-MOVE Surfaces makes it easier to create load cases from different positions of moving loads.

  • "Good tool, half the job": This proverb also applies to the software industry. The better a program is tailored to a task, the more effectively it can be solved.

  • When modeling frameworks, RSTAB and RFEM offer various options for controlling the transfer of internal forces at the connection points of the members.

  • If a member is laterally supported due to a compressive axial force to prevent buckling, it must be ensured that the lateral support is actually able to prevent buckling.

  • A new building was built on the site of the old temporary station building of the railway station in Karlovy Vary, meeting the current requirements for the operation of station buildings. The design of the load-bearing steel structure was performed by the Dlubal customer KONSTAT s.r.o.
  • The large hall building is comprised of a steel arched roof. The arched hall includes a 72 ft x177 ft rectangular floor plan, 33 ft height and 66 ft roof radius.
  • Structural Analysis Models to Download

    Current News


    Annual Review 2020

    The year 2020 will likely be remembered as the year of COVID. A virus suddenly changed the lives of so many people and brought one of the greatest challenges the world has ever seen.

  • Timber Pavilion RFEM Model (© PIRMIN JUNG)

    Customer Project


    Diemersteiner Tal - Free Form

    In 2019, an extraordinary pavilion was constructed in Diemersteiner Tal near Kaiserslautern (Germany). The structure is constructed entirely out of timber and did not require any metal fasteners.