RSTAB 9 | Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software

Structural Engineering Analysis & Design Software

Use the successful structural frame & truss analysis software RSTAB for your design of beam, frame, or truss structures consisting of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, aluminum, or other materials.
With RSTAB, you can easily and quickly define a structural model and then calculate the internal forces, deformations, and support reactions. There are design add-ons at your side that you can use to consider the material- and standard-specific requirements.

  • RSTAB 9 for Frames and Trusses

RSTAB - Powerful and Easy to Use


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Are you still looking for an eligible structural analysis program? As a structural engineer, you have certain requirements, of course. RSTAB 9 is available for you as a powerful analysis and design software for 3D beam, frame, or truss structure calculations, reflecting the current state of the art and helping structural engineers meet requirements in modern civil engineering.

Opt for the established Dlubal program RSTAB 9 to facilitate your work with structures. Due to its sophisticated input technology, it allows you to intuitively model simple and complex structures. RSTAB 9 is the basis of a modular software concept. Its powerful computation solver allows for linear and nonlinear calculations of internal forces, deformations, and support reactions.
The add-ons integrated directly in the program allow you to carry out additional analyses and design checks according to various standards (for example, in reinforced concrete, steel, and timber structures). Compile a program package that is precisely tailored to your individual needs and projects. It is possible to upgrade the program at any time.
Let yourself be inspired by RSTAB 9!

RSTAB Structural Analysis Program

Designed with RSTAB

Roller Coaster in Romon Underground Park, Ningbo, China

RSTAB Structural Frame and Truss Analysis Software | Deep Drilling Rig

Designed with RSTAB

Deep Drilling Rig

RSTAB Framework Program

Designed with RSTAB

Bus Station Roofing in Aarau, Switzerland

RSTAB Structural Analysis Program

Designed with RSTAB

Lookout Tower on Rügen Island, Germany

With Dlubal Software, you always have an overview. The program provides design check formulas used in your design (including a reference to the used equation from the standard) clearly displayed. Thus, there is no “black box” calculation. You can document all input data and results in a multilingual printout report. Here you can individually adjust the scope of output.

Easy Modeling of Structures

“I really enjoy working with Dlubal Software programs. The structure generation and modification can proceed smoothly:

  • Manageability of functions in the menu and movability in space
  • Data transparency: checks, options to modify and transfer data

I am happy that I switched over to Dlubal Software!”



  • Fast modeling thanks to sophisticated input technology
  • One program for all types of structures, from single-span girders to complex 3D beam structures
  • Fast calculation using the multiprocessor technology
  • Support of national and international standards
  • Quick generation of a professional-looking printout report
  • Automatic generation of wind loads using the integrated CFD wind simulation (RWIND required)
  • API via Webservice
  • Globally recognized program with over 100,000 users
  • Professional customer support provided by more than 20 support engineers


2,850.00 EUR

The prices apply to the use of the software in all countries.

3D Model of the Vocational School in RFEM (© Eggers Tragwerksplanung GmbH)

Special Solutions

First, the two-part Optimization & Costs / CO2 Emission Estimation add-on finds suitable parameters for parameterized models and blocks via the artificial intelligence (AI) technique of particle swarm optimization (PSO) for compliance with common optimization criteria. Second, this add-on estimates the model costs or CO2 emissions by specifying unit costs or emissions per material definition for the structural model.

Price of First License
1,650.00 EUR
Pushover Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Earthquakes may have a significant impact on the deformation behavior of buildings. A pushover analysis allows you to analyze the deformation behavior of buildings and compare them with seismic actions. Using the Pushover add-on, you can analyze the seismic actions on a particular building and thus assess whether the building can withstand the earthquake.

Price of First License
1,450.00 EUR