Customer Review | RFEM and CRANEWAY to Maximize Opportunities and Grow Our Business

🌟Customer Review | Success Spotlight: CRANEWAY!

Discover how CRANEWAY has become the cornerstone for success in our latest customer review!

"Thanks to RFEM and CRANEWAY software, we're able to seize opportunities we wouldn't have thought of in the past!

These days, it's not enough to just sell a crane. That's why we offer either to take care of all the manufacturing drawings and technical calculations (to avoid complications related to transportation and margin accumulation), or to supply the customer with a complete self-supporting structure, including the tracks!

With the Dlubal products, we are able to provide our customers with high quality technical support. I'm convinced that these products play a key role in our current success. In difficult economic times, they have been essential to maintain our sales levels. What's more, I firmly believe that they will enable us to secure our future growth!"

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Philippe Sinaeve | STAHL CraneSystems S.A.S.