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RFEM 6 for Beginners

The video series "Tutorial for Beginners in RFEM 6" provides new users the opportunity to start using the FEA software RFEM 6.

Within each video webpage, the relevant model is available for download. Work concurrently with the model while following along in the video.

RFEM 5 for Beginners

The video recordings "Tutorial for RFEM 5 Beginners" offers beginners the ideal option to start with the FEA software RFEM.

The web pages of the individual videos include the used models to download. Thus, you can check your own inputs in the program.

Modeling with RFEM 5

The video series "Modeling with RFEM 5" explores the different model input options.

Work through multiple examples to view the various ways to get started in RFEM 5.

Student Tutorials

Many students are using the Dlubal programs for their research, papers, and studies. Check out these short videos which include simple examples to see how easy it is to work with Dlubal Software.

These videos are especially dedicated to students who are new users to the structural frame and truss analysis program RSTAB and the FEA software RFEM.

Student Lessons

The video series "Student Lessons" is aimed at giving students the opportunity to combine theory and practice. These videos give an illustrated summary on how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice when utilizing structural analysis and design software.

Ranging from well-known topics such as engineering mechanics, structural engineering, and civil engineering, this tutorial series offers valuable expert knowledge for future civil and structural engineers.

Short Video Tutorials

"Short Video Tutorials" are short videos which quickly and efficiently explain useful program features to help simplify your everyday use with Dlubal Software.

Tips and Tricks

The video series "Tips and Tricks" discusses a range of insightful topics when utilizing the Dlubal programs. Gain helpful tips & tricks to efficiently work with the structural analysis and design programs RFEM and RSTAB.

Online Training Recordings

Watch previously recorded online trainings which explore various program topics and theory in further detail.

Accomplished and Recorded Webinars

Check out previous recorded webinars that focus on a wide array of analysis and design topics.

Gain expert knowledge from these detailed presentations on the main programs RFEM and RSTAB, the add-on modules and the stand-alone programs.


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