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  • Finite Elements in Structural Engineering Practice

Optimization & Costs / CO2 Emission Estimation for RFEM 6 / RSTAB 9

To keep the costs as low as possible while respecting the environment is more important than ever. Dlubal Software doesn't leave you alone. The two-part add-on Optimization & Costs/CO2 Emission Estimation provides you with digital support. On the one hand, it finds suitable parameters for parameterized models and blocks via the artificial intelligence technology (AI) of particle swarm optimization (PSO) in order to comply with the usual optimization criteria. On the other hand, this add-on estimates the model costs or CO2 emissions by specifying unit costs or emissions per material definition for the structural model. These special features make it an indispensable partner for your project planning.

Building Model for RFEM 6

Are you planning to go further with your project? In the case of several stories, we recommend you the Building Model add-on for RFEM. Here you can define and manipulate a building by means of stories. You can also adjust the stories in many ways afterwards. The program displays the information about the stories and the entire model (a center of gravity) in tables and graphics.

Multilayer Surfaces (such as Laminate, CLT) for RFEM 6

Complexity is great, isn't it? With the Multilayer Surfaces add-on, you as a user can define multilayer surface structures. You can perform this calculation with or without considering the shear coupling.


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