Cross-Section Properties Software

Cross-Section Properties, Stresses, and Design of Various Cross-Sections

  • SHAPE -THIN program
  • THICKQ program

SHAPE-THIN - Thin‑Walled and Cold‑Formed Cross‑Sections

The SHAPE-THIN stand-alone program determines the cross-section parameters for any thin-walled and cold-formed cross-sections and calculates their stresses. A plastic design is possible.

SHAPE-MASSIVE - Thick-Walled Cross-Sections

The stand-alone program SHAPE‑MASSIVE determines the section properties of any thick-walled cross-section and calculates the stresses. In addition, it is possible to perform reinforced concrete design according to Eurocode 2 and other standards.

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Stand-Alone Program

Properties and stresses of thin-walled and cold-formed cross-sections

Price of First License
1,300.00 USD

Cross-Section Properties Software

Section properties, stress analysis, and reinforced concrete design of thick-walled cross-sections

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD