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What should be kept in mind when using a NET softlock?


The NET softlock (NET-SL) must be activated once on a PC, server or a virtual server. For this, use the instructions (Installation.pdf) attached under Downloads.

By activating the NET-SL, it is connected to the PC by the mainboard ID and hard disk ID for physical computers. For virtual machines, it is connected by using the CPU characteristic and the virtual MAC address.


If a NET-SL is activated on a PC, no formatting of the hard disk or reinstalling of the operating system should be carried out. No change of mainboard or hard disk is allowed either.

If a NET-SL is installed on a virtual machine, it is necessary to make sure that the virtual MAC address is static and that the CPU characteristic cannot be changed. Virtual machines must not be copied (cloned) or moved.

If you have to change anything on this PC or the virtual machine, transfer the NET-SL to another computer or virtual machine in advance as described in the attached instructions (Rehosting.pdf).


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