When doing a calculation, I activated the 'Detailed Calculation' option. Have the support loads already been specified with the reduced dynamic coefficient for dimensioning the substructure?


Like the internal forces, the support forces from the load cases are combined taking into account the dynamic coefficients. For this purpose, the support forces (except for LC1 and LC2) are multiplied by the ratio of the dynamic coefficient girder to the dynamic coefficient support and added according to the CO criterion, since the wheel loads from LF3 already include the dynamic coefficient for the beam.

When Only max/min option is selected, only the extreme values of the support forces are output for the corresponding directions, i.e. the characteristic support forces are multiplied by the corresponding dynamic coefficient for supports (see Figure).

We already have an interesting webinar about "Design of Craneway Girders According to Eurocode 3" on our homepage.


Support forces  Dynamic coefficient Characteristic

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