Calculating Unreinforced Foundation

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RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro now offers you the option to calculate unreinforced (plain) foundation plate according to EN 1992‑1‑1, Clause 12.9.3. To do this, you select the “Without bending reinforcement according to 12.9.3” check box in the “Foundation Plate” section of the “Details” dialog box.

The design of plain foundation slabs is carried out by keeping the ratio of foundation depth to foundation projection (overhang), provided that

$$0.85\;\frac{\mathrm d}{\mathrm a}\;\geq\;{\mathrm S}_\mathrm{qrt}\;(3\;\frac{{\mathrm\sigma}_\mathrm{gd}}{{\mathrm f}_{\mathrm{ctd},\mathrm{pl}}})$$


is the foundation depth
is the foundation projection from the column face
σgd  is the design value of the ground pressure
fctd,pl  is the design value of the concrete tensile strength

In the result windows, the intermediate results of the described design are documented in detail.


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