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RFEM and RSTAB provide numerous interfaces with other programs for data exchange. In the respective programs, different names are often used for the same materials and cross‑sections. Therefore, it is necessary to convert the material and cross‑section names in order to be recognized by the program after the data exchange.

The conversion can be performed by means of a conversion file. In addition to specifying the description in the third-party application and its corresponding description in RFEM / RSTAB, as described in the article Simplified Import / Export with the Conversion Table, regular expressions can also be used for the conversion. You have to define one conversion each for the import (for RFEM / RSTAB) and for the export (of RFEM / RSTAB). The following syntax must be used.

Format for import:
REGEX_IMP: Pattern Material or cross-section; Replacement Material or Cross-Section Template

Format for export:
REGEX_EXP: Pattern Material or cross-section; Replacement Material or Cross-Section Template

The following conversion should be performed:
Pi (B) 500/20/15/300/400/100/12/4/3 <-> ZHWS400 * 500 * 15 * 20 * 100 * 12 * 300
REGEX_IMP: ^ ZHWS (\ d +) \ * (\ d +) \ * (\ d +) \ * (\ d +) \ * (\ d +) \ * (\ d +) \ * (\ d +); Pi (B) $ 2 / $ 4 / $ 3 / $ 7 / $ 1 / $ 5 / $ 6/0/0
REGEX_EXP:^Pi\(B\)\s?(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+)/(\d+); ZHWS$5*$1*$3*$2*$6*$7*$4


Regulärer Ausdruck REGEX Import Export Konvertierung Konvertierungsdatei Material Description Cross-Section Description


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