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Due to RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, it is possible to perform the geotechnical design of single foundation according to EN 1997‑1 in RFEM 5 or RSTAB 8. Depending on the National Annex preset in the add‑on module, you can determine bearing resistance using Approach 2 or 3 in compliance with EN 1997‑1 up to the Version x.04.0108.

As of the program versions x.05.0018, there is an additional Approach 2* for the determination of bearing resistance.

The essential difference between Approach 2 and Approach 2* is that the determination of bearing resistance according to Approach 2* applies characteristic values of loading. This has a favourable influence on the eccentricity and load inclination used in the bearing resistance equation.

You can select the approach for the bearing resistance determination under Parameters of National Annex (see the picture). The availability of the individual approaches depends on the National Annex selected in Window 1.1.

The program automatically determines the characteristic loads as initial values for each load combination entered in Window 1.4 under Structural (STR) and Geotechnical (GEO) to determine the bearing resistance using Approach 2*.

In summary, you can use Approach 2* especially for significantly eccentric loading situations to achieve efficient foundation dimensions if the ground failure design is relevant for the foundation dimensions.


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