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As of the program version x.06.1103, it is possible to enter a soil profile in RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro. This provides you the advantage to set several soil layers with different soil parameters above and under the foundation base. For entering the soil layers, there is a library with various soils that can also be extended with user‑defined soils. The user-defined soil profile is shown in an interactive information graphic. Any change, for example a soil thickness modification, is reflected in the graphic immediately.

In order to enter a soil profile, it is necessary to activate the design for ground failure with the bearing resistance according to EN 1997‑1 Annex D, and for sliding. Then, the bearing or sliding resistance is determined using the soil parameters of the defined soil profile and applied for the geotechnical designs.

If you set the allowable soil pressure as user-defined and deactivate the design for sliding in the design details, it is not necessary to define the soil profile anymore. The input dialog box is not available in this case.


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