RF-LAMINATE | Features

Product Feature

  • General stress analysis
  • Graphical and numerical results of stresses and stress ratios fully integrated in RFEM
  • Flexible design with different layer compositions
  • High efficiency due to few entries required
  • Flexibility due to detailed setting options for calculation basis and extent
  • Based on the selected material model and the layers contained, a local overall stiffness matrix of the surface in RFEM is generated. The following material models are available:
    • Orthotropic
    • Isotropic
    • User-defined
    • Hybrid (for combinations of material models)
  • Option to save frequently used layer structures in a database
  • Determination of basic, shear and equivalent stresses
  • In addition to the basic stresses, the required stresses according to DIN EN 1995-1-1 and the interaction of those stresses are available as results.
  • Stress analysis for structural parts of almost any shape
  • Equivalent stresses calculated according to different approaches:
    • Shape modification hypothesis (von Mises)
    • Maximum shear stress criterion (Tresca)
    • Maximum principal stress criterion (Rankine)
    • Principal strain criterion (Bach)
  • Calculation of transversal shear stresses according to Mindlin, Kirchhoff, or user-defined specifications
  • Serviceability limit state design by checking surface displacements
  • User-defined specifications of limit deflections
  • Possibility to consider layer coupling
  • Detailed results of individual stress components and ratios in tables and graphics
  • Results of stresses for each layer in the model
  • Parts list of designed surfaces
  • Possible coupling of layers entirely without shear
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Add-on Module

Deflection analysis and stress design of laminate and sandwich surfaces

Price of First License
1,120.00 USD