Software Module: Navier's Method for Structural Analysis of Square-Supported Rectangular Plates

There are numerous softwares that perform calculations for engineering problems, but most of them only show the final results and not the procedures until they are reached. In view of this problem, a module was developed in web languages (HTML/JavaScript) that allows the structural analysis of slabs simply supported by the Navier method and it displays all calculation procedures in dynamically generated reports in PDF (portable document format).
Guilherme dos Santos Silva
Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo, Brazil
Campus Votuporanga

Using RFEM 5, which applies the FEM (Finite Element Method), the results obtained by the Navier's method were validated. Three examples were elaborated both in the module (presented here) and in RFEM 5 in order to compare the results obtained in the different methods: Navier and FEM. The results obtained by the module presented here (Navier), as long as the final numbers m and n of the Navier functions are adjusted, generally do not deviate from those obtained by RFEM 5 (FEM) in the three examples. Thus, RFEM 5 was essential for carrying out this work, and thus for the proposed objective, the utilization of which proved to be simple and efficient.

Therefore, the module created proves to be effective in creating displacement and effort diagrams, showing that the results of Navier's functions are satisfactory, and prepares a report that can be used as support material for students, professors and professionals.