Study of Wind Action Through Simulation in Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Compared With CTE DB SE-AE

In this study, the focus is on the pressures applied to structures by the wind. The current norm is the CTE DB SE-AE, which also works as a calculation guide. Because of the increased complexity of the current norm regarding the previous norm, the AE-88, it is interesting to analyze the results that each one gives.

Nikita Skochko Rusalev

Additionally, to get results supported by more realistic calculations, a simulation with computational fluid dynamics is made. To do so, the first thing to be made is to model the structure using RFEM software, before calculating the mesh and exporting it to RWIND to simulate a virtual wind tunnel. It is of great interest the analysis of both norms with the use of this software.

The study is structured the following way: description of the three forms of calculation, explanation of the steps to calculate the results and the simulation and comparative of the results.