Design of selected elements of the reinforced concrete structure of a 6-story office building

This engineering work was aimed at preparing part of the construction design of an office building located in Krakow.

Paweł Jan Galica
Cracow University of Technology, Poland

This part focused on designing selected elements of a reinforced concrete structure consisting of 6 above-ground floors and a basement. The main purpose of the work was to dimension the slab and two selected ceiling beams above the third floor. The calculations were carried out based on the ultimate limit states (ULS) and serviceability limit states (SLS). An additional element were calculations regarding the selection of an appropriate solution for prefabricated balconies. The project began with the initial selection of the dimensions of the structure elements and the materials from which they were made. Then, a preliminary design was developed, consisting of a repeating floor structure diagram and a cross-section of the building. Based on the preliminary design, a load list and a 3D model of the structure were prepared in the RFEM 5 calculation program. In order to obtain the most accurate results, two different types of live loads were used in the calculation model: the nine system developed by prof. was used to dimension the ceiling slab. Włodzimierz Starosolski, and a band load system was used to dimension the ceiling beams. After completing the calculation part, workmanship drawings of the designed elements were started.