Recorded Webinar | Calculating Wind Loads with CFD Simulation (USA)

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Catch the recording of our insightful session, "RWIND 2 - Calculating Wind Loads with CFD Simulation." Learn at your own pace how RWIND 2 can transform wind load analysis for structural engineers. An essential resource for those keen on mastering advanced CFD applications in structural design.

📅 Webinar Title: RWIND 2 - Calculating Wind Loads with CFD Simulation

🔍 What to Expect: Unlock the potential of CFD in structural engineering with our webinar on RWIND 2. This session will delve into the sophisticated process of calculating wind loads using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Learn how to accurately model and analyze wind flow on structures, enhancing your design and analysis skills.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this webinar provides invaluable insights to enhance your expertise.