Optimization & Cost / CO₂ Emission Estimation for RFEM 6 | Add-On

🌟 Explore Efficiency with the RFEM 6 Add-on: Optimization & Cost/CO₂ Emission Estimation 🌿

📊 Delve into sustainable planning with our established add-on for RFEM 6: Optimization & Cost/CO₂ Emission Estimation. This tool is crafted to enhance your structural modeling while prioritizing eco-responsibility.

🔄 The first component of the add-on harnesses the power of AI through Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). It skillfully adjusts parameters within your models to meet various optimization criteria, bringing a new level of efficiency and innovation to your engineering projects.

💚 On the environmental front, the add-on takes a step towards sustainability by estimating CO₂ emissions and costs. It allows you to input unit costs or emissions for each material, providing a clear picture of the environmental impact and financial aspects of your structural designs.

🌐 This tool is not just an add-on; it's a gateway to smarter, more responsible engineering practices. It's ideal for professionals who are committed to optimizing both the performance and sustainability of their projects.

💼 Whether your focus is on minimizing costs, reducing carbon footprints, or both, this add-on for RFEM 6 is an essential tool in your engineering toolkit.