Steel Joints | Features

🏗️ Unleash the Power of Precision in Steel Joint Analysis with Our Advanced Tools! 🛠️

🔩 Introducing a revolutionary approach to steel joint analysis! Automatically generate FE models from connections, capturing every detail in the background for a comprehensive evaluation.

🔧 Say goodbye to limitations with full consideration of all internal forces (N, Vy, Vz, My, Mz, Mt) and no restrictions to planar loading. Plus, our software handles the automatic transfer of all load combinations to the FE model from selected nodes, optimizing your workflow for complex connection scenarios.

📚 Benefit from our extensive library of predefined steel connection templates, which is constantly expanding to include almost any connection type. Whether you're working with rolled, welded, composite, or thin-walled sections, our tool has you covered with a wide range of cross-sections including I-sections, channel sections, and more.

⏰ Save time and enhance your detailed analyses by saving and reusing generated FE models tailored to your project needs.