Customer Review | RFEM 6 by Dlubal: Universal Solution for Photovoltaic Shading Structures with Excellent Customer Support

🌟 Customer Review Spotlight: The Ultimate Solution for Photovoltaic Shading Structures! 🌟

"We have decided to use RFEM 6 in our consulting office for the design of photovoltaic shade structures.
Indeed, this software is tailored to the specifics of our business, but can be used in various areas.

The technical support is always available and competent to help us integrate this new software in our company. We highly recommend DLUBAL!"

Thank you for your kind words and continued trust in Dlubal Software! We are committed to providing top-notch solutions and support for all your engineering needs. 🚀✨

🤝 Jérôme Claris | Heliowatt | heliowatt.fr