RF-/JOINTS Timber - Steel to Timber Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB

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Design of Indirect Timber Connections

The RF-/JOINTS Timber - Steel to Timber add‑on module designs joints where timber members are indirectly connected to each other by means of steel plates. The following dowel-type fasteners are available: dowels, bolts, nails, and screws. The design is performed according to:

  •  EN 1995‑1‑1 (including National Annexes)
  •  ANSI/AWC NDS‑2015
    • Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)
    • Allowable Stress Design

  1. Features

    • Design of hinged, bending resistant, and semi-rigid connections
    • Definition of up to 5 steel plates slotted in timber beams
    • Up to 8 members connected to one node
    • Thickness of steel plate of 5 mm – 40 mm
    • Dowel diameter of 6 mm – 30 mm
    • Automatic check of the minimum distance between dowels
    • Optional free definition of dowel distances
    • Definition of asymmetric dowel layouts (any polygonal chain, for example)
    • Graphical visualization of joints in the add-on module and RFEM/RSTAB
    • All required steel and timber designs including reduction of cross‑section values
    • Design of transversal tension reinforcement according to EN 1995‑1‑1
    • Export of member eccentricities to RFEM/RSTAB to be considered in the determination of internal forces
    • Dowel length optionally shorter than cross-section width (for wooden plugs)
  2. 1.1 General Data


    First, it is necessary to select the joint type, design standard, and steel plate and dowel material. For design according to EC 5, you can select the SFS intec dowel system WS‑T. In this case, the corresponding material is preset in compliance with the technical approval of the manufacturer.

    The connected members are imported from the RFEM/RSTAB model. The module automatically checks if all geometric conditions are fulfilled. Alternatively, you can define the connection manually.

    Also the loads are imported automatically from RFEM/RSTAB or entered manually in the case of user-defined connection definition. The Geometry window includes steel plate dimensions and dowel group settings.

  3. Detailed settings for design


    After the calculation, the RF‑/JOINTS Timber - Steel to Timber add‑on module lists joint stiffnesses of all individual members, among other things. The following design results are displayed:

    • Check of minimum spacing between dowels
    • Load carrying capacity of single dowel
    • Steel plates (bearing resistance and stress according to EC 3 and AISC)
    • Stress analysis with reduced timber cross‑section
    • Block shear failure
    • Total load carrying capacity (including stiffness determination, transversal tension design according to EC 5, and others)
  4. Results shown in tables


    At first, the governing joint designs are arranged in groups and displayed with the basic geometry of the joint in the first result window. In the other result windows, you can see all fundamental design details.

    Dimensions and material properties important for the connection construction are displayed immediately and can be printed directly or exported to a DXF file. It is possible to visualize the connections in RF‑/JOINTS Timber - Steel to Timber or in the RFEM/RSTAB model.

    All graphics can be included in the RFEM/RSTAB printout report or printed directly. Result graphics to scale provide the option of an optimal visual check right from the design phase.

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