RF-MOVE Surfaces Add-on Module for RFEM


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Generation of Moving Loads on Surfaces

The RF-MOVE Surfaces add‑on module for RFEM creates load cases on the basis of various positions of moving loads such as vehicles on bridges. In addition, it is possible to create an enveloping result combination.

Input data is limited to only four input windows. Together with the quick generation of load cases in RFEM, this can save you a lot of time.

  1. Features

    • Parameterized load positions of different concentrated, distributed, surface and axle loads
    • Access to a library with different axle load models
    • Favorable or unfavorable load application considering influence lines and surfaces
    • Summary of several moving loads in one load scheme
    • Generation of a result combination for determination of the most unfavorable internal forces
    • Possible to save load schemes for further use in another structures
  2. Window 1.2 Sets of Lines


    Surfaces with moving loads are selected graphically in the RFEM model. You can apply loads with several different sets of movement on one surface at the same time.

    The "lane" is defined by sets of lines. You can select them graphically in the model. In addition, you can enter the increment of the individual load steps. Several load types are available, for example single, linear, rectangular, circular, and various axle loads. They can be applied in local and in global directions.

    The different loads are summarized in load models. The module assigns defined load models to the sets of lines and creates individual load cases based on this data.

  3. Generated load cases in RFEM

    Generation / Results

    You can create various load cases with a single mouse click. After the generation, the numbers of the created load cases and result combinations are displayed.

    The RF-MOVE Surfaces add-on module does not display any result windows. You can check the created load cases including loads in RFEM.

    Descriptions of the individual moving loads are created on the basis of the respective load step number. However, it is possible to edit the descriptions in RFEM.

    You can export all data in tables to MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

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