RFEM for Students | USA

With this online group training, learn the basic principles of the software. After completion, you will be able to model and analyze simple structures in RFEM.
Online Training | English
RFEM for Students | USA
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT
Free online basic training of the structural FEA software RFEM for students

As a student, learn how to work more efficiently with the RFEM software. The essential modeling functions and workflow will be discussed using practical examples including basic beam and surface structures. Live Q&A with the instructor is possible during the course.

The goal of this course is to become familiar with the program basics. After completion, students will have a basic understanding on how to model, analyze, and design basic member and surface structures.
Time Schedule
Introduction to the structural analysis software RFEM
Detailed workflow with beam design examples
Detailed workflow with surface design examples
Question and answer opportunities


FREE for students with valid college/university proof of enrollment certificate sent to [email protected]


The online training requires a fast and reliable internet connection.

During the training, each participant can ask questions at any time using the chat option.

After the event, each participant will have access to the models, video recording, and training documents presented in the training on our website. The website link will be sent by email after the training. Participants can revisit the course details step by step with the provided training material.

After completing the training, each participant will receive a certificate.

Amy Heilig, PE

CEO – USA Office | Sales & Technical Support Engineer

Amy Heilig serves as the CEO of our USA office based in Philadelphia, PA. She also offers sales and technical support while actively contributing to the development of Dlubal Software programs tailored for the North American market.

Alex Bacon, EIT

Technical Support Engineer

Alex is responsible for customer training, technical support, and continued program development for the North American market.