Office and Retail Building Palazzo Meridia, Nice, France


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29 June 2019


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The Palazzo Meridia is a 10-story office building, where 9 stories are constructed with timber. With a total height of 115 ft, its ground area is 181 ft long and 56 ft wide. The basement which accommodates 31 parking spaces, first floor and two staircases are made of reinforced concrete. A remarkable, open metal facade supports the corridors and allows the plants to climb up the facade.

The Palazzo Meridia is currently the tallest CLT office building in France. The Dlubal customer CBS-Lifteam was responsible for the planning, supply and installation of the timber structure.

The structural analysis of the CLT elements was carried out with the analysis program RFEM and RF-LAMINATE add-on module. RF-TIMBER Pro designed and dimensioned the timber frame structure. Since the office building is located in a region prone to earthquakes, (in Nice, earthquake zone 4), a seismic analysis was considered assuming the horizontal forces would be transmitted by the CLT floors acting as diaphragms to the concrete staircases. The timber facades would not contribute additional bracing to the structure.

Customer: Nexity, Ywood |

Architect: Architecture-Studio, France |

Timber Structural Analysis and Design: CBS-Lifteam |

Photos and model: © by Architecture-Studio © by CBS-Lifteam

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