Webinar | Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Dlubal Support Team | February 2024

This webinar shows you the questions asked about RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9, which have recently been answered by Dlubal support team.

Time Schedule:
00:00 Introduction
02:15 The footer has changed significantly since one of the last updates of RFEM 6. What do all the new symbols mean?
08:05 How do I use the "Orthomode" when modeling in RFEM 6?
10:05 If I divide a member using a distance, I always get two divisions. What is causing this?
13:25 I can no longer change the numbering of individual elements. Some rows in the table are highlighted in pink and I can no longer delete them. What is the reason for that?
18:35 The concrete design shows results for the required longitudinal reinforcement to absorb the torsion As,req,T. However, these results are 0 in my case. Is a setting wrong somewhere?
23:50 In one load case, I used another load case as the initial state. Its results seem to disappear at the end of the calculation. What am I doing wrong here?
30:35 I have a short, simple question for customer support. Previously, I used the chat for this. Where can I find it now?