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Where can I get the hash code based on my e-mail address for using the web service function behind the geo-zone tool "Snow, Wind and Seismic Zones"?


In addition to the blocks for describing the load type, location and language, the request URL also includes blocks for describing the user's identity. The "login" module describes the user's e-mail address and the "hash" module describes a hidden password. For a functional login, the e-mail address must be stored in a valid Dlubal account.

If you do not have a Dlubal account yet, you can create an account on this page:

With successful login to your Dlubal Account at the top left corner of our website

Figure 02 - Login to Dlubal Account

the "My Account" page opens. Under the heading "User Data", you can find the identity components "login" and "hash" at the bottom for using the Geo-Zone Tool web service function.

Figure 03 - Web Service Identity in Dlubal Account


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