Scaffolding and Rack Structures

We are looking for a program for scaffolding and rack structures. Is Dlubal Software suitable for this?


RFEM or RSTAB are the ideal basis for the calculation of scaffolding or rack structures, such as high-bay warehouses. It is also possible to consider nonlinear properties of members and hinges, such as yielding, tearing, slippage, or special scaffolding diagrams. There are add-ons available for both programs that you can use to design steel or aluminum structures according to various standards.

Main Programs RFEM and RSTAB

The main programs RFEM and RSTAB are used to define the model with its properties and actions. RFEM proves to be the more versatile option, as it can be used to analyze structures with surface components in addition to pure member structures.

Available Standards

For the design of steel beam structures, the following standards are available:

  • EN 1993 (Eurocode 3)
  • BS 5950 (British standard)
  • AISC 360 (US standard)
  • SIA 263 (Swiss standard)
  • IS 800 (Indian standard)
  • GB 50017 (Chinese standard)
  • CSA S16 (Canadian standard)
  • AS 4100 (Australian standard)
  • NBR 8800 (Brazilian standard)
  • SP 16.13330 (Russian standard)

Aluminum structures can be designed according to the following standards:

  • EN 1999 (Eurocode 9)
  • ADM (US standard)
  • GB 50429 (Chinese standard)

Analysis and Design Add-ons

Design add-ons supplement the functionality of the main programs. In the design add-ons Steel Design and Aluminum Design, you can perform the ultimate and serviceability limit state design, as well as the stability analysis according to the standards listed above.

The Torsional Warping (7 DOF) add-on allows you to also perform lateral-torsional buckling analysis with up to seven degrees of freedom. The Stress-Strain Analysis add-on provides the option for general stress design checks, where the existing stresses are compared to the limit stresses.

Dynamic Analysis

If you need to perform a seismic or vibration analysis, the corresponding Dynamic Analysis add-ons are the perfect tools for determining natural frequencies and mode shapes, or for the analysis of external excitations.

In case of any questions about the Dlubal solution for scaffolding and rack structures, our sales team will be happy to assist you.


Mr. Vogl creates and maintains the technical documentation.