Fire Protection Design According to DIN EN 1993-1-2 (Eurocode 3)

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The RF-/STEEL EC3 add‑on module allows for the fire protection design of structural steel components. The simplified analysis is performed by determining the steel temperature iteratively for a particular point of time. Currently, it is possible to apply three different fire situations to determine this temperature. The standard temperature-time curve is the most frequently applied fire curve because most experimental analyses for materials used for fire protection are also following it. Moreover, we have implemented the external fire curve as well as the hydrocarbon curve. Another option is entering directly temperature of the structural component, for example from experimental determination or other types of temperature field calculation (1).

To protect structural components from effects of fire, it is possible to attach different types of encasements for fire protection to the components that you want to design. If you select a fire protection material, relevant data will be calculated according to Section In accordance with EN 1993‑1‑2, fire protection materials are exclusively represented by materials of plates and plasters. A design providing such a scheme is not allowed for protective coatings with insulation efficiency or intumescent because those encasements change their properties depending on the temperature (2).

After the determination of steel temperatures you design load bearing capacity and stability once again, reducing yield strength as well as modulus of elasticity for the design due to the increased temperature available within the structural component. Looking at the results tables, you can evaluate data separately for common designs and fire protection design (3).

Furthermore, the result output offers you the possibility to display the iteratively determined steel temperature shown in a diagram together with the selected fire curve (4).


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