Adjusting Secondary Bucket Reinforcement

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In RF-/FOUNDATION Pro, there is the relevant reinforcement concept for each design of bucket reinforcement by default.

For the reinforcement concept of a bucket foundation with rough bucket sides, the constructional links are included in the bucket areas, where no horizontal links are required for the bucket design. Until the program version x.06.1103, there was a fixed distance of 15 cm preset by default for the design of such constructional horizontal links. If you want to increase the distance of constructional horizontal links, this could be done first after the reinforcement concept design in the ‘2.6 Bucket Reinforcement’ result window by adjusting the distance of links manually and performing a new calculation of the foundation.

As of the new program versions of RFEM and RSTAB, it is now possible to adjust the distance of constructional horizontal links in RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro even before the design.

Data must be entered in the "1.2 Geometry" window. You can change the default value of 15 cm to any other dimension or completely deactivate the constructional horizontal links. The result of this setting is displayed graphically in Window 2.6 after the calculation and can be also adjusted after the calculation as before.


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