Product Feature

  • Iterative nonlinear calculation of deformations for beam and plate structures consisting of reinforced concrete by determining the respective element stiffness subjected to the defined loads
  • Deformation analyses of cracked reinforced concrete surfaces (state II)
  • General nonlinear stability analysis of compression members made of reinforced concrete, for example according to EN 1992-1-1, Cl. 5.8.6
  • Tension stiffening of concrete applied between cracks
  • Numerous National Annexes available for the design according to Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-1-1:2004 + A1:2014, see EC2 for RFEM)
  • Optional consideration of long-term influences such as creep or shrinkage
  • Nonlinear calculation of stresses in reinforcing steel and concrete
  • Nonlinear calculation of crack widths
  • Flexibility due to detailed setting options for calculation basis and extent
  • Graphical results output integrated in RFEM, for example deformation or sag of flat slab
  • Numerical results clearly arranged in tables and graphical display of the results in the model
  • Complete integration of results in RFEM printout report

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RFEM Concrete Structures

Add-on Module

Physical and geometrical nonlinear calculation of beam and plate structures consisting of reinforced concrete

Price of First License
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