RF-/STEEL SIA | Features

Product Feature

  • Design of members and continuous members for compression, bending, shear, and combined actions
  • Stability analysis of buckling and lateral torsional buckling
  • Automatic determination of critical buckling loads and critical buckling moments for general load applications and support conditions by means of a special FEA program (eigenvalue analysis) integrated in the module
  • Optional application of discrete lateral supports to beams
  • Automatic cross-section classification (Class 1 to 4)
  • Deformation analysis (serviceability)
  • Cross-section optimization
  • Wide range of cross-sections available, for example rolled I‑, C‑ and T‑sections, angles, rectangular and circular hollow sections, round bars, symmetrical, asymmetrical and parameterized I‑ and ‑sections as well as angle irons and double angles
  • Optional import of buckling lengths from the RF-STABILITY/RSBUCK
  • Detailed result documentation including references to design equations of the standard used
  • Various filter and sorting options of results including result lists by member, cross-section, x-location or by load cases or load and result combination
  • Result window of member slenderness and governing internal forces
  • Parts list with weight and solid specifications
RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures

Add-on Module

Design of steel members according to the Swiss standard SIA 263

Price of First License
1,480.00 USD