RWIND Simulation | Output

Product Feature

In addition to these resulting load cases in RFEM and RSTAB, more results of the aerodynamics analysis in RWIND Simulation are obtained which display the flow problem as a whole:

  • Pressure on structure surface
  • Pressure field about structure geometry
  • Velocity field about structure geometry
  • Velocity vectors about structure geometry
  • Flow lines about structure geometry
  • Forces on member-shaped structures that were originally generated from member elements
  • Convergence diagram
  • Direction and size of the flow resistance of the defined structures

These results are displayed in the RWIND Simulation environment and evaluated graphically. Since the flow results about the structure geometry are confusing in the overall display, you can see freely movable section planes for the separate display of the "solid results" in a plane. Accordingly, in the 3D branched streamline result, an animated display in the form of moving lines or particles is shown in addition to a structural representation. This option helps to represent the wind flow as a dynamic effect.

All results can be exported as a picture or, especially for the animated results, as a video.