Pushover Analysis | Features

  • Consideration of nonlinear component behavior using plastic standard hinges for steel (FEMA 356, EN 1998‑3) and nonlinear material behavior (masonry, steel - bilinear, user-defined working curves)
  • Direct import of masses from load cases or combinations for the application of constant vertical loads
  • User-defined specifications for the consideration of horizontal loads (standardized to a mode shape or uniformly distributed over the height of the masses)
  • Determination of a pushover curve with selectable limit criterion of the calculation (a collapse or limit deformation)
  • Transformation of the pushover curve into the capacity spectrum (ADRS format, single degree of freedom system)
  • Bilinearization of the capacity spectrum according to EN 1998‑1:2010 + A1:2013
  • Transformation of the applied response spectrum into the required spectrum (ADRS format)
  • Determination of target displacement according to EC 8 (the N2 method according to Fajfar 2000)
  • Graphical comparison of the capacity and required spectrum
  • Graphical evaluation of the acceptance criteria of predefined plastic hinges
  • Result display of the values used in the iterative calculation of the target displacement
  • Access to all results of the structural analysis in the individual load levels