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Conversation Plinth in Columbus, IN


Customer Project

Conversation Plinth is a collaboration between IKD, a Boston-based architectural design firm, Bensonwood, SMARTLAM, the first CLT manufacturer in the US, and Clemson University’s Wood Utilization and Design Institute.

One of five Exhibit Columbus winners of the J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller prize, Conversation Plinth is designed to generate conversation around the use of hardwood CLTs in US construction.

Stability Analyses in RFEM and RSTAB


In RFEM and RSTAB, weak points in static models can be easily and quickly recognized using stability analyses. In the add-on modules RF-STABILITY (for RFEM) and RSBUCK (for RSTAB), effective lengths and buckling loads are determined for every member, and the critical load factor is displayed for the entire structure. The critical load factor reflects the stability risks of a structure. The buckling modes can also be visualized and even animated for a better analysis.

Unloading Area of an Industrial Site in Isère, France


Customer Project

The Études Techniques Lyonnaises engineering office was in charge of planning and structural design of the foundation of an industrial site’s new unloading area in the Isère department in France.

The new unloading area consists of a steel framework built on a base slab. The total area is divided into two parts: a traffic and unloading zone for rail cars, and an area with a pit and a traffic zone for lift trucks.

BIM Project New Plant in Graben-Neudorf


Customer Project

SWE-Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG, a German family-owned company operating in the area of drive technology, expands its plant until 2019 at Graben-Neudorf. The existing plant with a size of 1,184,030 ft² will almost be doubled. The main components of the extension is a factory building, a combined pedestrian and media bridge as well as a road bridge.

New BIM Tool: Export of Reinforcement RFEM - Revit


The latest version of RFEM 5 offers the possibility to export the surface reinforcements defined in the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces add-on module as reinforcement objects to Revit by using the direct interface. In RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, surface, rectangle, polygonal and circular reinforcement areas can be selected as an option. In addition to bar reinforcement, it is also possible to export mesh reinforcement.

Hervester Bridge No. 423 Across the Wesel-Datteln Canal


Customer Project

The new bridge replaces the existing Hervester Bridge No. 423, which was classified as dilapidated. After the assembly at the bank, it was pushed over the Wesel-Datteln Canal step by step. A pontoon boat was used here to move the structure to the other bank.

RFEM 5 is Now an Accepted PennDOT Software Program


Current News

RFEM 5 has been tested and accepted by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) for use on Department projects as a general purpose structural analysis software program.

New Features in RFEM 5.14.01 and RSTAB 8.14.01


The versions RFEM 5.14.01 and RSTAB 8.14.01 and the corresponding add-on modules have been extended by the following new features. Customers with a Service Contract can download the latest Dlubal program versions at any time.

Look-Out Tower at Treetop Path Steigerwald


Customer Project

The look-out tower with a height of over 131 ft is located in Ebrach (Upper Franconia), in the heart of the Steigerwald. The Steigerwald is after the Spessart the second largest deciduous forest area in Bavaria. 300-year-old beeches, amongst the oldest in Germany, soar into the sky with more than 131 feet.

Wildlife Crossing AM2 in Carinthia, Austria


Customer Project

The wildlife crossing AM2 has been built with a construction method for concrete shell structures called Pneumatic Forming of Hardened Concrete (PFHC). This new method has been developed by the university TU Wien.

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