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Industrial Building in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Department, France




Customer Project

The ALBYR Structures team was awarded the design for a new industrial hall in a high seismic activity region. The hall includes seven interior double-hinged frames with tapered beam ends as well as floor levels for offices.

Guyed Mast for Wind Performance Measurements in Andalusia, Spain




Customer Project

Removable guyed masts are used not only for telecommunications purposes, but also for collecting wind data in order to evaluate the profitability of a planned wind farm. Such removable and permanent masts can reach heights of up to 492 ft and are mounted at the height of a planned windmill axis in uninhabited areas.

Short Video Tutorial: Camera Fly Mode





This Short Video Tutorial shows how the new camera fly mode operates. Create impressive videos as you fly through your RFEM and RSTAB structure. You can determine the direction and speed of your flight and even save it as a video.

Short Video Tutorial: Roof Membrane Form-Finding





This Short Video Tutorial displays how to design and calculate membrane structures with the RF-FORM-FINDING add-on module in RFEM. The calculation is performed according to the URS (Updated Reference Strategy) method.

New Maps for Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine in the Geo-Zone Tool




Current News

The Geo-Zone Tool, located on the Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps web page, now also includes zone maps for Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

New Features in RFEM 5.22.01 and RSTAB 8.22.01



Current News

The versions RFEM 5.22.01 and RSTAB 8.22.01 and the corresponding add-on modules have been extended by the following new features. Customers with a service contract can download the latest Dlubal program versions at any time.

High-Rise Building Le Haut-Bois in Grenoble, France



Customer Project

Two 9 and 6-story residential buildings which include 56 units in total, are the first in France to be certified passive at the height of 9 stories. The buildings, constructed with 52,972 ft3 of zinc-coated wood, are both an architectural masterpiece and an innovative achievement to inspire housing sustainability for the next decade.

Four-Story Timber Structure in St. Georgen, Germany



Customer Project

The EGT Group’s new St. Georgen location was to be future-oriented designed considering both energy efficiency and sustainability. The new four-story oval building consists mainly of timber and was constructed in just four short weeks.

"Four-Season-Arch" Luxury Camping Tent, USA



Customer Project

The Four-Season-Arch is a beautiful centerpiece tent for luxury camping resorts. It has a unique aesthetic shape. The tent may consist of one pod or multiple pods.

New Maps for Hong Kong and Uruguay in the Geo-Zone Tool



Current News

The Geo-Zone Tool, located on the Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps webpage, now includes also zoning maps to determine the wind speeds for Hong Kong and Uruguay.

Sporting Venue in Donzère, France



Customer Project

Pour répondre aux besoins de ses citoyens, la ville de Donzère a décidé la réalisation d’une halle de sports dans un grand îlot triangulaire, au pied du village historique. The new structure, dedicated to local schools and clubs, created the opportunity for sporting event practices and competitions.

New Maps for Peru in the Geo-Zone Tool



Current News

The Geo-Zone Tool, located on the Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps webpage, now includes also zoning maps to determine the wind speeds and seismic zones of Peru.

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Wind Simulation & Wind Load Generation

With the stand-alone program RWIND Simulation, wind flows around simple or complex structures can be simulated by means of a digital wind tunnel.

The generated wind loads acting on these objects can be imported to RFEM or RSTAB.