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New Features in RFEM 5.13.01 and RSTAB 8.13.01


Current News

The versions RFEM 5.13.01 and RSTAB 8.13.01 and the corresponding add-on modules contain the following new features. Customers with a service contract can download the latest Dlubal program versions at any time.

Prestressed Concrete Design in RFEM


Knowledge Base

Efficient design of prestressed structural components requires a few additional steps that go beyond the standard reinforced concrete design, from modeling tendons, to the calculation of equivalent loads, to the cross-section resistance design.

Export to VCmaster


Knowledge Base

Printout reports created in RFEM and RSTAB can be transferred to VCmaster using a direct interface and further processed there. VCmaster (formerly BauText) is a word processing program for engineers. Calculations, drawings, photos and documents from various sources can be easily compiled, managed and used again with VCmaster.

Free-Form Glass Structure at Xujiahui Commercial Center in Shanghai, China


Customer Project

A remarkable free‑form roof structure was built at the Xujiahui Commercial Center in Shanghai, China, and inaugurated in June 2017. It serves as a skylight in the indoor area of the shopping center, and as a canopy in the outdoor area.

Differences of Calculation Methods in Structural Analysis


Knowledge Base

For structural dimensioning according to the valid rules, there are often several options or calculation methods to determine the internal forces. It is up to the engineer to decide which theory is suitable to design the structure.

John W. Olver Design Building University of Massachusetts, USA


Customer Project

In September 2017, the Design Building at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst was completed. The $52 million project is one of the largest timber structures in the USA and one of the largest wood-concrete composite projects in the world.

Singularities in Design of Reinforced Concrete Surfaces


Knowledge Base

Singularities occur in a limited area due to the concentration of the stress-dependent result values. They are conditioned by the FEA methodology. In theory, the stiffness and/or the stress in an infinite size concentrate on an infinitesimal small area.

Forces by Screw in Main-Connected Beam Joint


Knowledge Base

RF‑/JOINTS Timber - Timber to Timber allows you to design main-connected beam joints. This article explains the determination of forces in screws of a beam connected to a torsionally rigid main beam.

Residential Timber Buildings in Strasbourg, France


Customer Project

“Îlot bois de Strasbourg” is the first CLT building project in France that exceeds 98 ft in height. This building complex consisting of three high‑rise buildings provides commercial space on the ground floor and 146 residential units on the upper floors.

Design of Foundation Rotation


Knowledge Base

Using RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, it is possible to perform geotechnical design according to EN 1997‑1 for single foundations. The following article explains the design of highly eccentric loading in the foundation core according to DIN EN 1997‑1, A 6.6.5.

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