AISC Advanced Steel Design in RFEM

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"RFEM is everything I expected and more. I’m having a blast learning the software and the webinars are fantastic."


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  • Elastic and plastic design of steel elements with non-linear materials
  • Automatic meshing and FE analysis of steel surfaces in RFEM
  • Limit state design utilizing the add-on module RF‑STEEL
  • Local buckling modes and imperfections with add-on modules RF‑STABILITY and RF‑IMP

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:02:30: Introduction
  • Up to 00:05:25: Elastic and plastic design process of steel elements with nonlinear materials
  • Up to 00:25:55: Modeling and loading beam and surface elements in RFEM
  • Up to 00:29:25: Automatic finite element meshing
  • Up to 00:32:20: Steel analysis and graphical result evaluation
  • Up to 00:41:15: Linear stress analysis in RFEM and RF‑STEEL
  • Up to 00:44:44: Various material models in RFEM
  • Up to 00:55:00: Nonlinear plastic analysis in RFEM and RF‑MAT NL
  • Up to 01:00:50: AISC imperfections and buckling modes in RF‑STABILITY and RF‑IMP
  • Up to 01:06:30: Scaling imperfections and design loads in compliance with AISC 360
  • Up to 01:08:18: Closing remarks


steel analysis stress analysis AISC AISC 360 AISC 360‑10 AISC 360‑05 stability analysis FEA finite element FEM plastic analysis nonlinear non‑linear imperfections AISC imperfections

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