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If I arrange eccentric bars on a surface, is that the same as when I weld a flat steel to the metal sheet, which is welded to the whole circumference, so it is rigidly connected to the metal?


When modeling stiffeners (ribs), there are some things to consider.
I attached a test model to you in the attachment of the mail.
For flat surfaces, it is generally the case that objects lying in the surface (ie lines and nodes)
automatically integrated into the surface. For curved surfaces this must be done manually.
Accordingly, I have manually removed the line in the left model from the surface (see picture).
As a result, the line is connected to the surface only at the nodes.
For the following models 2 and 3, the lines are already automatically integrated into the surfaces.
This means that the rod is rigidly connected to the surface over its entire length.
The 4th model is modeled using surfaces and provides the same results as far as possible
as with bars. As a rod type "rib" I would not define the stiffeners as this
are primarily reserved for the design of reinforced concrete (design as a slab beam).


Ribs stiffening


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