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Why is the Beta Factor displayed on the proof of passage for a wall corner at 1.0?


The load increase factor β = 1.00 is due to the fact that in the mask 1.5 the "non-smoothed course of the shear forces" is applied. This is the default setting in RF-STANZ Pro for wall corners and wall ends (see Figure 1).

Only when one switches to "smoothed course of the lateral forces in the critical round section", the load increase factor ß is needed. This is determined by default using the fully plastic shear stress distribution according to Section 6.4.3 (3) (see Figure 2).

Further information on the topic "Determination of the punching load at wall ends and wall corners in RF-STANZ Pro" and "Determination of the load increase factor β with the sector model" can be found in our Knowledge Base on our homepage at:



Load increasing factor β wall corners and wall ends


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