Result Tables from RF-CONCRETE Surfaces

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The results from RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces can be documented in tabular form in the printout report.

If you select, for example, the required reinforcement by point to be displayed in the printout report, the number of pages can increase significantly. This depends on the size of the structure, the surfaces selected for the documentation, the target length of finite elements and on the type of point results selected in the module.

In the result window of the RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces add‑on module, you can define the results to be displayed by FE nodes or by grid points.

If you select the option ‘In FE nodes’ in the module, it is valid also for the respective result tables in the printout report. So for complex structures or a large number of FE nodes, it might be advantageous to change the setting to ‘In grid points’ in the module.

The number of grid points can be defined again within the surface properties. In the ‘Edit Surface’ dialog box, you can adjust the grid settings (grid origin, number and the distance of grid points).


Results table Table Printout Report


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