Features of RF-CONCRETE Members

Product Feature

  • Determination of longitudinal, shear and torsional reinforcement
  • Representation of minimum and compression reinforcement
  • Determination of neutral axis depth, concrete and steel strains
  • Design of member cross-sections affected by bending on two axes
  • Design of tapered members
  • Determination of deformation in cracked sections (state II), for example according to ACI 318‑14, Sect. 24.2.3.
  • Consideration of tension stiffening
  • Consideration of creep and shrinkage
  • Itemization of reasons for failed design
  • Design details for all design locations for better traceability of reinforcement determination
  • Options to optimize cross‑sections
  • Visualization of concrete cross‑section with reinforcement in 3D rendering
  • Output of complete steel schedule
  • Fire resistance design according to the simplified method (zone method) in accordance with EN 1992‑1‑2 for rectangular and circular cross‑sections
  • Optional extension of the RF‑CONCRETE Members add‑on module with a nonlinear calculation of frameworks for the ultimate and the serviceability limit state. The extension allows for design of potentially unstable structural components by means of a nonlinear calculation, or a nonlinear deformation analysis of 3D frameworks. Find more information under the product description of the RF‑CONCRETE NL add‑on module.

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RFEM Concrete Structures

Add-on Module

Design of reinforced concrete members and surfaces (plates, walls, planar structures, shells)

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