Pipe Bridge for CHP Niederaußem, Germany

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Structural Engineering Konstruktionsbüro Kuitunen
Sudetenstrasse 39
91096 Möhrendorf, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 9131-483190

A part of hanging pipe bridge in the basement of the CHP Niederaußem Block K (BoA): In the basement of the vessel building runs a large and densely used pipe route which hangs on a reversed pipe bridge.

The aim was to use as little steel as possible to minimize the loads for the connecting buildings. This led to a very intense optimization process during the design of the structure.

Mr. Kuitunen says: "For this, RSTAB and its modules really proved very fast and reliable tools. Due to the good graphical view of results, we could do specific optimizations safely and quickly. As a result, we could save notable time in detailing and have well reached our original goal."

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