CLT MIX and CLT T Calculation Principles and Proposed Modeling Using Dlubal Software

In the construction industry, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the utilization of timber takes on a leading role. Consequently, there has been an increasing interest and investment in R&D&I projects related to structural timber, which has led to the products with special properties that allow timber to compete with other materials, such as concrete or steel.
Andoni Martin Sanz
University of the Basque Country - San Sebastian University of Architecture, Spain

This frenetic race to create new structural elements has a problem: the difficulty in finding modeling tools for these elements, which are more unique by nature than those with more entrenched industrialization.

This thesis' intention is to propose the modeling of some of these products, such as CLT MIX and CLT T, by using the modular software by Dlubal Software.