Knowledge Base | Design of Cable Structures in RFEM 6 / RSTAB 9

🌐 New on Our Knowledge Base: Designing Cable Structures with RFEM 6 / RSTAB 9! 🌉

🔗 Dive into the essentials of modeling and designing cable structures. Our latest article provides expert guidance on achieving the ideal cable sag and internal forces using a straightforward initial approach. Starting with a straight member, learn how to iteratively apply changes in length to refine the cable's behavior and meet specific design requirements.

🔄 For a more streamlined process, discover the elegance of our "Form-Finding" add-on. Define and calculate the desired final state of your cable structures both geometrically and through force values seamlessly.

🔧 From modeling to the ultimate limit state design, ensure your cable structures can withstand the necessary tensile forces and comply with industry standards for fatigue, vibration, and connection integrity.