Customer Project | Olympic Games 2024: Student Residence Building PE2 Made of Timber Modules in Saint-Denis, France

🌟 Olympic Games 2024: Student Residence Building PE2 in Saint-Denis, France! 🌟

As part of the 2024 Olympic Games, an ambitious building project is underway in the river eco-district of l’Île-Saint-Denis (93). This state-of-the-art student residence, known as PE2, is constructed using sustainable timber modules, showcasing innovative design and engineering.

We're proud to highlight the work of Gustave engineering office, a satisfied customer of Dlubal Software, who managed the entire structural design from conception to construction. Their expertise in utilizing our software solutions has been instrumental in bringing this project to life.

🎯 Key Highlights:
🔹 Sustainable timber module construction
🔹 Advanced structural design by Gustave engineering office
🔹 Part of the 2024 Olympic Games infrastructure

This project not only supports the Olympic Games but also represents a commitment to sustainable development and innovative engineering.

🏅 Learn more about this remarkable project and how Dlubal Software is supporting the future of sustainable construction!